Knowles, Brand SYFERX2Y EMI Chips (E03 Range)

The Syfer X2Y Integrated Passive Component is a 3 terminal EMI chip device. The revolutionary design provides simultaneous line-to-line and line-to-ground filtering, using a single ceramic chip. In this way, differential and common mode filtering are provided in one device. Capable of replacing 2 or more conventional devices, it is ideal for balanced lines, twisted pairs and dc motors, in automotive, audio, sensor and other applications. These filters can prove invaluable in meeting stringent EMC demands, particularly in automotive applications.

Recent developments include the introduction of 200Vdc and 500Vdc versions, which are suitable for liquid dispensing equipment, hand held power tools, dc motors and other higher voltage applications.


  • 0603 to 2220 case size
  • 10pF to 1.2µF
  • C0G/NP0 dielectric
  • Temperature rating -55°C to 125°C
  • X2Y integrated passive component
  • X7R dielectric


  • EMI suppression on dc motors
  • single ended/unbalanced lines

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