Vishay I Brand ESTA

Vishay ESTA is the world’s only manufacturer to offer a complete range of power capacitors. These cost-effective devices for harmonic control, energy savings, and voltage stabilization are highly reliable and environmentally safe, and can be used under the most rugged conditions. Vishay ESTA power capacitors address a wide range of energy-generation applications. Their “green” applications include energy generation in on- and off-shore wind turbines and solar power plants.

Vishay ESTA power capacitors are used in energy transmission and distribution in high, medium, and low-voltage networks to improve network quality. Their efficient operation helps promote CO2 reduction as well as reducing losses in long-distance HVDC transmissions. The power capacitors are also used for RFI filters and voltage and frequency converters in traction and industrial drives.

Vishay ESTA capacitors are manufactured with the highest quality standards and come complete and ready to use for all applications.

Vishay I Brand ESTA

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