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The Knowles Capacitors Division of Knowles Corporation is renaming under the new identity of Knowles Precision Devices.

Four years ago, Dielectric Laboratories (DLI), Novacap, Syfer Technology and Voltronics came together into a single organization referred to as Knowles Capacitors - a division of the newly formed Knowles Corporation. With the way these brands interact to make innovative contributions to the passives market, the decision has been made to rename this division as Knowles Precision Devices.

At inception the division had a combined history exceeding 175 years and joined together some of the world’s leading speciality capacitor and passive device manufacturers. The more representative brand of Knowles Precision Devices, or KPD, reflects both the company’s historic leadership position in capacitors and its role in making innovative advancements in devices such as filters, power dividers, and oscillators.

No legal entity names are affected by this change, nor has any internal structure been altered. However, this move will allow KPD to more accurately, and clearly, articulate who they are to their customers and markets. It creates an umbrella for the brands of Compex, DLI, Johnson MFG, Novacap, Syfer and Voltronics to be recognised and grow. It will also help customers to differentiate between KPD’s passive component products and those audio devices offered by other Knowles Inc divisions.

Knowles Precision Devices is now a premier global source for Capacitors, RF Filters, EMI Filters, Resonators, non-magnetic components and advanced dielectric materials. The KPD brand serves a variety of markets including military, aerospace/avionics, medical equipment, implantable devices, EMI and connector filtering, oil exploration, instrumentation, industrial electronics, automotive, telecoms and data networks.

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