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PCN: 2016/02 Reel Quantities – Standardisation

Logo Knowles.jpg The purpose of this notification is to advise that, as a result of reviewing customer feedback, reel quantities will now be standardised and phased into supply.

The feedback from customers is that some component sizes may be supplied in 2 different reel quantities and that this causes some customers problems. For example, the packaging information stated in the Knowles Syfer 2015 catalogue on page 49 includes 7” (178mm) reel quantities for chip size 1812 as either 500 or 1000 capacitors on a reel.

In response to this customer feedback, Knowles Capacitors Novacap and Syfer products will now standardise on the lowest reel quantity where 2 different quantities were previously advised.

Please find further information in the PCN to the right.

Veröffentlicht am 22.03.2016
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