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Knowles, Brand Syfer

Some say the 1806 3 terminal ‘C’ filter is obsolescent, but not Knowles Precision Devices

“The rate of component obsolescence has increased over the last 15 years”, says Steve Hopwood, Senior Application Engineer at Knowles Precision Devices (KPD). “Component manufacturers are discontinuing more part numbers per year for a variety of reasons, including manufacturing changes, changes in die dimensions and other technology changes.” mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 24.07.2018

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KOA Europe GmbH

Current Sensing for High Power PSJ2 - Resistance Range Expansion

Constructed using a solid metal alloy resistance element with copper terminations the device provides superior corrosion and heat resistance and has excellent pulse resistance. mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 04.07.2018


KOA Europe GmbH

New Values for Thick Film Resistors HV73

High resistance range expansion.

mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 03.07.2018


KOA Europe GmbH

High Reliability Thick Film Chip Resistors

KOA’s new RS73-series is designed for high precision and high reliability applications by using thick film technology.

With a T.C.R. down to 25ppm and a tolerance as low as 0.1%, the new RS73-series from KOA is ideal for precision designs such as high-accuracy sensing or voltage detection circuits in automotive, industrial and measuring applications, where ESD sensitivity is an issue. mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 03.07.2018

Novacap MLCC 07062018.jpg

Knowles, Brand Novacap

High capacitance MLCCs for High-Rel medical and military applications from Novacap

Medical and military applications where a high capacitance value is required should consider the Novacap branded MLCCs from Knowles Precision Devices (KPD). Comparable circuit designs can be achieved at typically a third to a fifth of the capacitance values because of the low ESR characteristics these parts exhibit. mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 07.06.2018

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