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Strom - Messwiderstände / Shunts

Bei wts // electronic finden Sie ein breites Angebot an RoHS konformen Strom-Messwiderständen bzw. Shunts der Hersteller KOA, NIC Components, Viking und Vishay Foil Resistors. mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 26.05.2016

PR Knowles 052016.JPG

wts // electronic

Knowles / Brand Syfer, Novacap: New high temperature ceramic MLCs are a ‘HiT’ with demanding applications

Knowles capacitor brands Novacap and Syfer Technology jointly announce the launch of a new range of high temperature MLC chip capacitors. Booth 20 at HiTEC 2016, May 10 and 11 at the Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North, New Mexico, will be the venue for the launch of the new HiT range. mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 26.05.2016

NIC Safety Caps.jpg

NIC Components

NIC Components: New Safety Capacitors: X1, X2, Y2 Classes

NIC Components is pleased to announce the expansion of its safety capacitors products with three new X and Y class product series of metallized polypropylene film capacitors; NPXF, NPXH and NPT, for use in interference suppression applications. All three new product series utilize metallized polypropylene film with non-inductive & self-healing wound element construction, for stability under VAC operation, and safe end-of-life failure mode. mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 26.05.2016

Non-magnetic composing 052016.jpg

Syfer Technology Ltd.

Bessere MRT-Scans mit nicht-magnetischen MLC-Kondensatoren

Für den Einsatz in medizinischen Geräten stellt Knowles / Brand SYFER zwei innovative Baureihen, bedrahtet und SMD, nicht-magnetischer Hochspannungskondensatoren vor.

Bei scannenden Geräten, wie MRT-Systemen, geht der Trend zu stärkeren Magnetfeldern, um immer höher aufgelöste Bilder liefern zu können. Infolge dessen gewinnt die Verwendung von nichtmagnetischen Bauteilen in solchen Geräten an Bedeutung. Selbst geringe magnetische Bauelemente könnten die Bildqualität entscheidend beeinträchtigen.
mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 04.05.2016


KOA Europe GmbH

AEC-Q200 qualified, 3 W, ±50 ppm/K, Milliohm Metal Plate Shunts

KOA has expanded its metal plate current detecting resistor portfolio by adding 3 new series with increased power ratings. The new TLR high power resistors are offered in the ultra-low resistance range 0.5 mΩ…20 mΩ and allow power ratings up to 3 W at +110 °C terminal part temperature. mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 02.05.2016

KOA Jumper.JPG

KOA Europe GmbH

KOA Product Update Information: High Current Jumper Overview

Thick film jumpers RK73Z and XR73Z: There are two main reasons for designers to use Zero-Ohm resistors (Jumper). The first is to avoid using an additional layer when two traces have to cross on the same side of the PCB, the second is to make different circuit configurations using the same PCB layout.

High current jumpers SLZ and TLRZ: In high power applications a conventional Zero-Ohm resistor may be not be able to handle the higher currents. The SLZ and TLRZ series from KOA can carry currents up to 44 A. mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 04.04.2016

Switchy  A new serie and UL approval.jpg

wts // electronic

Switchy® : A new serie and UL approval

Switchy®, the electronic transformer range has been expanded with a new model : Switchy® 1W Low Power. This AC/DC converter is a turnkey solution ideal for electronic board development which saves engineers time to develop, test and qualify auxiliary power supply. Its terminal differs from the other models as it can be plugged directly to a female one. mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 22.03.2016

snap in capacitor 032016.jpg

NIC Components

Snap-in Capacitor Product Expansion

NIC Components is pleased to announce expansion of their offering of +105°C Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. The expansion includes over 400 new line items added to the NRLPW, NRLQW and NRLUW product series of snap-in capacitors, in values ranging from 39uF to 68,000uF, voltage ratings from 10Vdc to 500Vdc and ripple current ratings up to 7.36Arms /+105°C. mehr ...

Veröffentlicht am 21.03.2016

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