Knowles, Brand SYFERMultilayer Discoidal Capacitors

The Discoidal Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor is the natural complement to the single plate and tube ceramic capacitors which are the key elements of many EMI filters. The single layer designs are limited in capacitance values available, whilst the Multilayer Discoidal Chip process has increased the range to 4.7uF. Voltage ranges are from 50Vd.c. up to 3kVd.c.

Discoidal Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors are of a configuration suitable for direct mounting into filters, onto bulkheads and hybrid circuits. Due to their geometry, they have excellent RF performance characteristics as well as very high Self Resonant Frequencies. They are offered with a choice of C0G or X7R ceramic. All parts are RoHS compliant.


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