Knowles, Brand SYFERX2Y Panel Mount Feedthroughs (SFJEB Range)

The Syfer balanced line filter is a 2-pin panel mounting device suitable for balanced lines and twisted pairs. It is ideal for passing lines through a bulkhead, and the feedthrough construction offers insertion loss performance up to 1GHz and above.

The filter also incorporates capacitance line-to-line as well as line-to-ground, and therefore both differential and common mode filtering are offered in the same package. In this way one single device can replace three separate components.


  • 'C' configuration
  • 2-pin panel mounting device
  • balanced line filter
  • feedthrough
  • threaded

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X2Y Panel Mount Feedthroughs (SFJEB Range) befindet sich in folgenden Kategorien:

Panel mount EMI Filters X2Y Technology

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