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Auflistung der Precision/ Ultra Precision von NIC Components Corp.

NIC Components Corp.

NCST Current Sensing Chip Resistors

  • surface mountable 0402~7520 case size
  • Power Ratings up to 3 Watts
  • Pb-FREE reflow process compatible

NIC Components Corp.

NRCE Thick Film Chip Resistors

  • Suitable for Flow and Refl ow Soldering Processes
  • metal glazed thick film on high purity alumina substrate (cermet) provides uniform quality and high reliability
  • Extended Values / Precision Tolerances
  • Extended Value Range (47MΩ ~ 4.7GΩ) & Precision Tolerances
  • EIA standard sizing 0603, 0805 and 1206
  • double Glass overcoat assures strong mechanical Construction and Long Life, Nickel Barrier prevents leaching
  • all sizes are available in tape/reel for automatic mounting

NIC Components Corp.

NTR Thin Film Chip Resistors

  • Thin Film; Precision Tolerance, Ultra-Stable, Low Noise
  • reflow solderable ( Pb free termination finish)
  • precision tolerance and temperature coefficient
  • low noise, thin film (NiCr) construction
  • EIA standard case sizes (0201 ~ 2512)

NIC Components Corp.

NTR-C Anti-Corrosive Thin Film Chip Resistors

  • special passivated NiCr film for superior anti-corrosion properties
  • SAC reflow solderable (three times at 260°C for 32 seconds)
  • precision tolerance and temperature characteristics
  • EIA standard sizing 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 2010 and 2512
  • anti-corrosive for harsh environments; precision tolerance, ultra-stable, low noise

NIC Components Corp.

NTR-H High Power Thin Film Chip Resistors

  • precision tolerance and temperature coefficient
  • low noise, thin film (NiCr) construction
  • improved power rating (higher that NTR series)
  • Higher Power Rating; Precision Tolerance, Ultra-Stable, Low Noise
  • EIA standard case sizes (0603 ~ 1206)

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